eMobility Component Assembly Testing

Servicing the automotive industry for over 30 years, we provide comprehensive assembly testing systems for in-process and final testing of electrical motors, EV batteries, eDrive systems, transmissions, and vehicle sub-components for hybrid and electric vehicle manufacturing. Our testing solutions help validate, debug, and identify issues early in the manufacturing process.

Our high-speed, configurable test systems and services are customized to each automaker’s testing and production requirements. We go beyond equipment—we design and map test methodologies and specifications. Our testing solutions adapt to evolving vehicle designs, technology and can scale from pilot to production.

Customer Challenges

Ramping up eMobility production efficiently and cost-effectively to meet growing demand.

Managing variability of multiple product designs and form factors.

Supporting multiple product platforms and eMobility component configurations.

Optimizing testing and identifying in-process and end-of-line tests for battery modules.

Training employees on how to maintain new technology and equipment.

Every testing project is unique. Allow us to listen to your challenges and share how automation can launch your project on time.

Customer Benefits

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High-throughput, consistent and repeatable testing through automation.

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Supports a multitude of product variations and platforms.

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Streamlined Escalation

Efficient online service escalation.

eMobility Assembly Testing Applications

EV Battery Assembly Testing

EV Battery Assembly Testing

From EV battery cells, modules to fully assembled packs, thorough testing is required to ensure quality, performance, and safety. We offer flexible battery testing systems that are customized to individual application requirements.

Our in-process and end-of-line testing systems support tests for everything from leak, seal, performance, electrical, charge, welding, humidity, noise vibration harshness (NVH), and more. Our automated test systems are optimized for efficiency to validate battery components during assembly and identify potential issues early in the manufacturing process to reduce rework costs and prevent defective batteries. 

eDrive: Inverter Assembly Testing

eDrive and inverter assembly testing ensures peak performance of electric vehicles. Our systems test efficiency, power output, and thermal management across varying loads and speeds, and assess electrical eDrive safety. A PHEV and PEV power supply test simulates the battery, providing and absorbing high-voltage DC power and simulating the load, while precisely monitoring current throughout the test. With comprehensive eDrive testing, we help customers optimize the entire EV drivetrain for extended range, reliable operation, and a smooth driving experience.

eDrive Testing
eMotor Assembly Testing

eDrive: eMotor Assembly Testing

We offer in-process and end-of-line testing solutions to ensure the optimal performance and reliability of fully assembled eMotors. This includes efficiency testing to measure energy conversion, thermal testing to evaluate temperature management, vibration analysis to assess mechanical integrity, and torque testing to determine rotational force. Additionally, insulation resistance testing checks for electrical insulation quality, ensuring safety and durability in diverse applications. 

eDrive: Transmission Assembly Testing

Transmission testing ensures early defect detection during manufacturing, minimizing repair costs and improving overall quality. We offer testing solutions for gear quality verification, press operations monitoring, torque measurement, vibration testing, leak detection, and end-of-line verification for noise and vibration checks.

Transmission Assembly Testing
Vehicle Sub-Component Assembly Testing

Vehicle Sub-Component Assembly Testing

We offer a comprehensive array of sub-component assembly testing solutions, ensuring vehicle components’ reliability, performance, and safety. Our testing system is easily configurable to seamlessly integrate into your production line for efficient quality control. Testing capabilities cover crucial areas, including electrical tests, power, torque, NVH, as well as buzz, squeak, and rattle (BSR).

Vehicle Sub-Component Testing Examples

  • Small horsepower motors used in window lift motors and wiper motors.
  • Vehicle interiors encompassing seats, doors, cockpits, and headliners.
  • Vehicle electronics, including switches, lights, key fobs, radios, clusters.