Cutting-Edge Automated Technologies for Advanced Reactors

Our extensive automation experience combined with our expertise in nuclear tooling and systems, empowers Small Modular Reactor (SMR) builders to overcome time and schedule challenges. Our innovative designs and collaborative partnerships ensure reliable and repeatable processes, driving success in your projects.

SMR Industry Challenges

Technology Choice – Currently no standard design. First of its kind projects lead to lengthy design changes and cost overages.

Knowledge Gap – Historical lull in sector has led to a lack of skilled knowledge in nuclear.

Supply Chain Management – Coordinating the production and assembly of components from multiple suppliers can be a logistical challenge, particularly as SMR designs evolve and new suppliers enter the market.

Lower Levelized Cost of Electricity – SMRs must continue to innovate and reduce the levelized cost of electricity to remain an attractive option for future energy generation.

Construction and Fabrication Costs – SMRs are creating first-of-its-kind technology, which, when built using traditional manufacturing processes, can result in unexpected production delays and high costs.

Speak to a nuclear expert to learn how automated solutions can enhance the design and build of your SMR project.

What is an SMR?

Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) are compact nuclear reactors, characterized by their smaller size, which allows for easier scalability and greater flexibility in deployment due to their modularity when compared to traditional reactors. SMRs can be prefabricated, transported to and then assembled on-site, allowing for standardized manufacturing and construction processes.

Our Approach

With over 20 years of experience, we specialize in engineering, designing, building, and testing groundbreaking SMR technologies in collaboration with our nuclear partners. Our expertise lies in creating automated solutions tailored for the nuclear industry.

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Simultaneous Engineering

Optimize tooling by testing use cases and processes. While utilizing proof-of-concept builds to validate tooling designs before use in the field.

Digital Simulations of Nuclear Tooling

Digital Simulations

Leverage digital twin technology to model reactor design and fuel fabrication to understand the behavior of automated tooling.

Reusable & Robust Nuclear Tooling

Reusable & Robust Tooling

Designed and tested for high-risk environments and repeatable tasks.

Person using a VR training system.

Training & Maintenance

Operator training and on-site experts create oversight during installation and ongoing operations.

Customer Benefits

Automated solutions help SMR builders reduce onsite fabrication costs of their modular assemblies and enhance overall operational efficiency, quality, and competitiveness in the market.

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Strategic Partnerships

Experience in managing large scale, complex projects. Navigate regulatory hurdles, support design changes and collaborate for the full lifecycle of the project.

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20+ Years of Nuclear Expertise

A team dedicated to nuclear solutions. As a world leading automation company, we are well equipped to aid in improving the efficiency and cost of first of its kind technologies through automated solutions.

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Increased Efficiency & Productivity

Incorporating factory automation and tooling solutions early in your project lifecycle improves ROI and Operational Equipment Efficiency (OEE) by creating reliable and repeatable processes.

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Stay On-Time & On-Budget

The automated production of module assemblies helps lower costs and maintain schedules.

How We Help SMR Builders

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SMR Design

Prototyping & High-Fidelity Mock-Ups offer insights into performance and highlight areas for refinement. Doing this early in the design stage helps avoid length delays during build and ensures equipment will be operating at peak performance once installed onsite.

Engineering Analysis – helps us understand, optimize, and improve design to adhere to customer specifications early in the SMR lifecycle.

Simulations/Digital Twin – provide valuable insights and enable better understanding of true performance before modules are fully assembled onsite. This enhances optimization and innovation of first of its kind SMR technologies.

SMR Manufacturing & Assembly

Automated Tooling for:

  • Fuel Fabrication
  • Testing Equipment

Enhances safety and improves overall productivity by ensuring consistent precision without relying on manual labour.

Factory Automation of modular assembly fabrications improves production timelines and costs by providing high quality, consistent manufacturing.

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SMR Operations & Maintenance

Fuel Handling – robotic loading, semi-automated masts, and tooling remove fuel. This ensures the safe, efficient operation of the SMR and enhances plant performance and safety.

Spent Fuel Storage & Handling – loading systems and waste container handling for the safe and efficient management of nuclear waste.

Automated Inspection & Maintenance Systems – lowers operator radiation exposure and optimizes plant efficiency by providing consistent results.

Training & Support – for the life of your project ensures that you are creating a skilled labour force to keep your reactors running at peak performance.

“ATS’s support and experience in the nuclear space was ultimately a driving factor for the partnership. They have the flexibility to meet our evolving needs and have continued to work with and support us for the lifecycle of this project.”

Dr. José Reyes,

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of NuScale Power