How We Lead

Innovation, Automation & Digital Transformation

How We Lead

Innovation, Automation & Digital Transformation

Harnessing the power of automation and digital technologies, we help customers solve the unsolvable. Our team of engineers specializes in automation, inspection, testing, high-speed assembly, laser welding, and digital twin technologies. 

Assembly testing system and validation program.

Testing & Validation 

Assembly test systems and validation programs are designed to ensure your products perform as expected. With expertise across EV, automotive battery assembly, grid batteries, consumer products, and nuclear tooling, we provide robust, reliable, and customized test automation solutions for your specific applications and industry requirements. Our customers benefit from improved process control, less out-of-tolerance parts with lower field failures, and higher-quality products. 


Unlock the full potential of your manufacturing lines using advanced digital technologies. Visualize, test, and optimize your manufacturing processes before anything is ordered, tooled or produced. Our unique digital twin technology provides a functional, virtual replica of your production line and tooling that accurately represents the line’s programming, performance, and throughput. Expedite delivery time, enhance production, and ensure your vision is optimized for manufacturing. 

Laser Welding

Precision-based laser welding processes for all stages of battery production. We partner with customers to develop an optimized welding process based on their unique battery designs, metals, and manufacturing needs. Our high-speed, repeatable welding automation system features real-time monitoring that inspects the quality of each weld as it happens. Our systems use intelligent monitoring and direct measurement capabilities to ensure the highest quality weld for maximum cell battery performance and longevity. 

SuperTrak Gen3

High Speed Assembly

With over 3,000 assembly systems in operation, we are leaders in high-speed assembly. Our innovative, configurable, scalable assembly asset platform accommodates one or multiple products for maximal utilization. Discover the benefits of an automated, modular digital assembly platform that can adapt to your requirements while providing speed, precision, and versatility. 


Delivering automation solutions that drive manufacturing innovations, optimize efficiencies, improve safety, maximize throughput, and ensure quality. We leverage our expertise in laser welding, vision systems, and our Symphoni™ Technology, Illuminate™ Manufacturing Intelligence, digital twin and SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ Platform to help you design and implement a custom automation system to meet your product goals, deliver on time and to budget.

Automation battery assembly system.
Global Service

Global Service

Our Global Service team works with companies to integrate connected assets into automated processes and optimize productivity and machine performance through asset management, upgrades, retrofits, and availability of spare parts. Helping to ensure operational and financial goals are met throughout their assets’ lifecycle. 

For Your Consideration…

What if your automation supplier acted like an in-house automation team? We are ready to help you plan for automation capacity and timing, and think through your design for manufacturability. We achieve better outcomes when we work closely together as one team.