Digitalization Enables Smarter, Faster Execution 

We believe digitalization is the key to unlocking the full potential of your ideas. Our team of experts work with customers across industries to digitize product designs and manufacturing processes and create virtual simulations. 

Our unique digital twin technology provides a functional, virtual replica of your production line and tooling that accurately represents the line’s programming, performance, and throughput. This allows designs to be tested and optimized before tooling or manufacturing lines are delivered. 

Digitalization Helps

Accelerate development and reduce on site commissioning.

Mitigate risk and understand how design changes impact delivery and product performance.

Train and prepare people objectively and consistently across sites.

Every digitization project is unique. Allow us to listen to your challenges and share how automation can launch your project on time.

What Is Digital Twin?

Our digital twin offering is a virtual replica that helps simulate actual machine performance benchmarks and emulate the operative components of the physical line. Testing, integration, and commissioning — normally done after the line is physically built — can now happen sooner in a digital realm. Using our immersive digital twin environment, companies can run operational scenarios that provide real data to help mitigate risk, avoid extra costs, and eliminate inefficiencies. 

Debug, Troubleshoot & Validate

Digitalization and digital twin technologies provide monitoring and data analytics that allow companies to analyze, debug, and troubleshoot issues virtually before project construction. Teams can easily see how designs and modifications correlate to one another. Our digital tools enable error handling and offline programming for robotics, PLCs, and third-party equipment.

We work with our customers to identify and correct potential issues early in the process, saving time and money.

Man working on a digitalization program for nuclear tooling.

Benefits of Digitalization

Mitigate Risk Icon

Mitigate Risk

Validate assumptions before physical execution.

Improve Decision Making Icon

Improve Decision Making

Empower teams to enhance their performance.

Process Icon

Change Agility

Quickly understand and facilitate modifications before build.

Speed to Market Icon

Speed To Market

Reduce lead time by beginning error handling and offline programming in parallel with design.

Cost Savings Icon

Improve ROI

Digitalizing early optimizes performance and minimizes rework.

Workforce Icon

Resilient Workforce

Train and develop workers on new technologies and processes.

Simulate & Optimize

We partner with our customers’ engineering teams to virtually simulate different operational use cases to measure and optimize performance. With a digital twin’s virtual production floor, teams can gain experience with their assembly solution’s final fit and function. See how changes to the design will affect performance. Our immersive, digitalized environment extends beyond virtual reality with the use of haptics, enabling operators to experience the tools and machinery in a realistic way. By simulating designs in a digital realm, assumptions can be optimized and validated before executing a build.

VR system for testing equipment and training employees.
VR system for training employees on how to use new equipment.

Workforce Training

Our vision for digitalization includes workforce training. Employees have the opportunity to receive virtual training on assembly lines and equipment before on-site installation. Digital twin, along with Smart Coach™, provides objective and consistent methodologies to prepare operators for any foreseeable challenge. We work with our customers to create training libraries that simulate machine behavior to help personnel understand how production lines operate and how to respond in different scenarios.