Global Service, Local Presence 

ATS Global Service is the division of ATS Corporation that ensures automation lines continue running smoothly throughout the automated manufacturing system’s life cycle. Utilizing cutting-edge automation solutions, ATS Global Service helps manufacturers control operating costs, reduce unplanned downtime, and maintain optimal performance over the life cycle of their industrial automation systems.  

What Are Your Priorities?

Manage digitally enabled assets.

Lower total cost of ownership.

Reduce time to production.

Increase asset utilization.

Improve operational performance.

Reduce enterprise risk management.

Every automation project is unique. Allow us to listen to your challenges and share how automation can launch your project on time.

Your Lifecycle Service Partner

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Design for maintenance and process optimization – strategies that can reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and increase operational efficiency during the design phase 

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Reduce time to production, establish operational best practices, and accelerate knowledge transfer 

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Maintain higher sustained production with less variability and reduce unplanned downtime 

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Prolong asset lifespan, revitalize installed systems, and repurpose equipment 

Global Service Capabilities

Startup Services

Startup Services

Integrating new automation systems involves a steep learning curve. To accelerate ramp-up and reduce time to full production, companies need access to subject matter experts that can train operators and technicians to maximize performance.   

Startup Service Plan  

  • Accelerates knowledge transfer to operators and technicians.
  • Utilizes asset performance data to improve maintenance decisions.
  • Establishes operational best practices.
  • Lowers operational risk by having spares on hand.

Lifecycle Services

Through lifecycle management, companies can maximize the Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) over the lifespan of their automated manufacturing systems. Lifecycle management at ATS brings together the right experts, technology, and processes to build a complete maintenance and performance optimization solution for your equipment.    

Post-Automation Lifecycle Services  

  • Maintain higher sustained production with less variability.
  • Mitigate unplanned downtime with routine and targeted preventative maintenance to lower operating costs and improve automation system performance.
  • Prolong asset lifespan, revitalize installed systems and repurpose equipment.
  • 360° view of service history and asset information via the ATS Customer Portal.
  • Reduce unexpected downtime by building and maintaining a spare parts inventory.
Digital Services 

Digital Services

Improve operational performance and maintenance practices with advanced analytics and on-demand access to expert support.

Digital Service Solutions Enable  

  • Real-time production performance monitoring through Illuminate™ Manufacturing Intelligence software.
  • Manufacturing process improvements and root cause analysis with Illuminate™ Debug Solution.
  • Annual software maintenance and support.
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) technical support 24/7.
  • Optimized employee onboarding with direct access to training and documentation with Smart Coach™ On-demand Platform.


Reliability Engineering

Identify the risks within the operating strategy to improve asset management practices and optimize capital allocation. Reliability engineering services enable the creation of comprehensive asset management strategies, asset health practices, and loss elimination support, producing sustainable operational performance improvements and maximizing return on investment. 

Comprehensive Reliability Engineering Services

  • Asset management gap analysis to optimize operating investment, performance, and cost.
  • Reliability strategy optimization, enabling maintenance and reliability asset data analysis for optimized proactive maintenance and prioritizing addressing the root cause of equipment failure.
  • System performance with root cause failure analysis and reliability strategy optimization.
  • Risk-based spare parts list and analysis of part lead times, costs, stock levels, and economic order quantity.
  • Total cost of ownership optimization and optimized capital and operating investments.
Reliability Engineering
ATS Service Plan. Support, Maintenance, Spare Parts, Performance, Training.

Service Plans

Proactive support to maximize the operating efficiency of equipment. No two automated manufacturing systems are the same, which is why ATS Lifecycle Service Plans are customized to meet each company’s unique needs.   

ATS Lifecycle Service Plans  

  • Promote proactive maintenance to sustain machine performance.
  • Enable predictable operating costs.
  • Provide proactive problem identification.
  • Allow for faster downtime recovery.