Supercharged Battery Assembly Testing

Electric vehicle (EV) and energy storage battery manufacturing demands precision. From battery cells to assembled modules and packs, rigorous testing is essential to ensure the quality, performance, and safety of the finished product. Our comprehensive battery test systems and consulting services are customized to the unique battery application for accurate electrical, leak, and thermal testing at every stage of battery manufacturing.

We partner with customers on test process development and integration to provide an automated test system tailored to maximize efficiency and effectiveness for battery production requirements. Our testing systems help validate, debug, and identify issues early in the process to avoid costly recalls. From manual-loaded stations to fully automated high-speed equipment, our systems and software adapt and scale with the assembly line as the business grows.

Customer Challenges

Identifying relevant tests for cell, module and pack production.

Determining pass/fail thresholds and defect tolerances.

Optimizing testing for in-process and end-of-line tests.

Finding the right global partner with expertise in moving from pilot to full-scale EV battery assembly and test.

Every testing project is unique. Allow us to listen to your challenges and share how automation can launch your project on time.

Our Approach

We know battery testing and have delivered 110+ battery assembly and test lines. We work with battery manufacturers to establish testing parameters and deliver standard single-design owner testing solutions tailored to the specific battery manufacturing requirements.

Digital Engineering

Customizable & Module Design

Easily configurable and programable to support customer requirements.

Standardized Test Solution

Standardized Test Solution

It uses industry-standard technologies that are easily maintained and field tested, including National Instrument Software integrated with Test Executive Suite

ATS Industrial Automation team members on the shop floor working on an automation project.

Robust Testing Software

Flexible Test Executive Suite enables scale across module configuration.

Employee looking at a screen containing data from a monitor & trace program.

Reporting & Analytics

Track and predict product failures and required maintenance in advance with integrated RALPH software.

Customer Benefits

In Process Testing Icon

In Process & End of Line Testing

Strategically placed within the assembly line to identify and remove defective parts early in the process.

Safety Icon

Verify Performance and Safety

Ensure battery components meet specifications, reducing field failures.

Modular Approach icon.

Scalable & Flexible Platform

Testing software and hardware that can evolve with the business needs.

Cost Savings Icon

Cost Competitive

One complete solution provider for battery testing.

Efficient Icon

Fast Cycle Times

High speed test cycles to support gigafactories.

Risk Icon

Minimize Warranty Claims

Meet or exceed performance requirements.

Battery Test System Applications

Cell Testing 

Battery cells are the building blocks where chemical reactions occur. Individual cells must be rigorously tested for capacity, charge, voltage, internal resistance, and efficiency to identify defects or inconstancies before battery modules and packs can be assembled. We provide reliable, high-speed automated test systems for precise and reproducible measurement.

Cell Testing Methods

  • Open Circuit Voltage (OCV)
  • AC/DC Internal Resistance (IR)
  • Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS)
  • Cell Self Discharge
  • HiPot: DW, Insulation Resistance
  • Isolation Voltage

Module Testing 

In-line and end of line battery module tests assess integrated cell quality and performance prior to pack assembly. This requires a wider set of testing capabilities. Charge and discharge tests that verify cell connections and robustness to manage current loads. Other tests include temperature, mechanical vibration, and battery management systems (BMS) tests. Our high-speed assembly testing systems help improve testing cycle times for high-volume production environments ensuring all tests are accurate and repeatable.

Module Testing Methods

  • Weld and Busbar Resistance (uOhm)
  • CAN/ ISOSPI/ISOUART Communication
  • Open Circuit Voltage (OCV): Module, Individual Cells (Bricks)
  • Temperature: Module, Individual Cells (Bricks)
  • Current Calibration
  • DC Internal Resistance (DCIR): Module, Individual Cells (Bricks)
  • Charge/Discharge
  • SOC/SOH Estimation
  • HiPot: DW, Insulation Resistance
  • Leak Test

Pack Testing  

Battery pack testing examines a pack’s overall performance, safety, and quality before it is used in a final product. Rigorous testing simulates real-world usage and identifies defects before they become failures or recalls. In production, charge-discharge cycles and safety component assessments are crucial. Battery Energy Management (BEM) / Battery Management System (BMS) testing verifies accuracy and reliability, encompassing state-of-charge estimation, cell balancing, voltage and current monitoring, temperature management, safety features (fault detection and response), communication interface, cell authentication, and stress tests for robust performance under various conditions.

Pack Testing Methods

  • CAN/10BaseT1S/Flexray /LIN Communication
  • Battery Energy Management (BEM) /Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Open Circuit Voltage (OCV): Pack, Individual Modules, Individual Cells (Bricks)
  • Temperature: Pack, Individual Modules, Individual Cells (Bricks)
  • Current Calibration
  • Leak Test
  • HV Power Control/Isolation
  • DC Internal Resistance (DCIR): Pack, Individual Modules, Individual Cells (Bricks)
  • Charge/Discharge, Pre-Charge, Drive Cycles
  • SOC/SOH Estimation
  • Vehicle Environment Simulation
  • HiPot: DW, Insulation Resistance