Driving Automation for eMobility

Delivering over 110 EV battery assembly and test lines has taught us a few things.

Our proven automation and testing solutions for EV battery module assembly, pack assembly, fuel cell systems, and electric motors help automakers quickly shift to full-scale production lines to meet current and future EV demand.


Battery Production Lines.


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Years of Battery Automation Experience.

Battery Module

We work with automotive and battery OEMs to create an automated assembly and testing process for high-throughput EV battery module production. Our flexible platform automates cell handling, sorting, and assembly, while our precision welding ensures module integrity. In-process testing validates each step of the assembly process, ensuring only verified cell batteries and modules are handed off for pack assembly.

Every eMobility project is unique. Allow us to listen to your challenges and share how automation can launch your project on time.

EV Battery Pack Assembly

Battery Pack

A proven partner for final EV battery pack assembly and end-of-line testing. Our unique modular platform supports a range of EV configurations helping customers scale production with consistent and repeatable assembly automation. Comprehensive testing validates each final pack and establishes traceability. Our team works with customers to train workers on using and maintaining the new technology.

“ATS Industrial Automation is critical in enabling battery assembly with exponential volume.”

VP of Global Manufacturing & Engineering,

Large North American Automotive OEM

eMotor Assembly

We deliver automated stators, rotors, and final assembly systems for electric motor assembly. Our modular approach allows customers to heat, assemble, cool, mount, and grease electric drive motors and supports multiple engine configurations that create a quality AC and DC eMotor.

eMotor in eMobility vehicle
Fuel cell in eMobility vehicle with hood up

Fuel Cell

Take fuel cell assembly beyond concept and manual processes. We offer automation, assembly, and test solutions for fuel cell systems in emission-free vehicles. Our custom solutions can be used in the manufacturing of cells and stacking. Our testing solutions monitor the process and verify the quality of each cell.