Where We Play

Transforming Industries Efficiently, Effectively, & Intelligently

Where We Play

Transforming Industries Efficiently, Effectively, and Intelligently

Delivering quality, repeatable, and flexible process automation solutions to the automotive, energy storage, nuclear, consumer goods, and a variety of other industries.

eMobility EV Battery Assembly Equipment


Our experience automating more than 110 lines for electric vehicle (EV) battery assembly and test makes us a world leader in automation for the EV transportation industry. Our modular approach to material handling, welding, inspection, and testing enables customers to launch on time and to budget.

Energy Storage

Companies with innovative ideas need a trusted partner with the manufacturing knowledge to move from concept through pilot to full global production. We provide high-value, high-speed assembly and test solutions across established and emerging grid energy storage technologies.

Energy storage unit with solar panels and wind turbines in the background.
Nuclear Refurbishment. Automated Inspection and Automated Calandria Tube Installation

Nuclear Facilities

Our extensive, award-winning nuclear automation expertise enables the growth of nuclear energy capacity in North America. Our team manufactures custom automated systems and tooling for new reactor builds, refurbishment, decommissioning, as well as small modular reactor (SMR) programs. Customers can avoid or reduce operator dose exposure, improve safety and save weeks of time.

Industrial & Consumer Products

With more product variations and pressure to get to market quickly, today’s consumer and industrial products demand agile and digital high-speed automated assembly and testing solutions. For manufacturers of health and beauty, household products, durable goods, electronics, heavy parts, or warehouse logistics, we offer a range of automated solutions to assemble, move, inspect, package, sort, and ship products efficiently and cost effectively.

Industrial equipment manufacturing line

For Your Consideration…

What if your automation supplier acted like an in-house automation team? We are ready to help you plan for automation capacity and timing, and think through your design for manufacturability. We achieve better outcomes when we work closely together as one team.