Manufacturing Automation
for Grid Energy Storage

Leveraging our experience designing EV battery assembly lines, we are helping the energy industry design and scale battery manufacturing for grid energy storage. With a comprehensive product offering, we provide customers with a modular and flexible platform for manufacturing and testing battery storage systems. Our proven processes, project management skills, and global reach enables customers to manage the rapid changes happening in energy storage to meet demand and stay within budget. 

Customer Challenges

Ramping up production efficiently in new regions to meet growing demand.

Managing evolving battery designs and change requests as technology and chemistry evolve.

Finding the right global partner with expertise in moving from pilot to full-scale assembly.

Establishing rigorous testing for in-process and end-of-line assembly.

Every grid storage project is unique. Allow us to listen to your challenges and share how automation can launch your project on time.

Our Approach

Partnering with our customers, we simultaneously engineer to develop processes and battery assembly systems for grid energy storage, including in-depth testing to validate the battery assembly process.

Digital Engineering

Simultaneous Engineering

Maximize assembly efficiency and minimize risk by designing for manufacturing to enable high-volume production.

Automated Dispensing for EV Battery Assembly.

Automated Dispensing

Utilize automated dispense technology for consistent material application.

Employee looking at a screen containing data from a monitor & trace program.

Monitor & Trace

Leverage ATS Illuminate™ Manufacturing Intelligence to monitor and trace the product as it moves through the assembly process.

Intelligent Laser Welding and Processing.


Automate and define the ideal weld using laser, resistance, or ultrasonic technology.

Robust Testing Equipment.

Robust Testing

Implement key leak and electrical testing for non-standard platforms.

Handling & Assembly

Material Handling

Develop ideal handling processes for both incoming and outgoing material.

Customer Benefit

Speed to Market Icon

Speed to Market

Shorten the time frame to produce sellable products.

Cost Savings Icon

Cost Savings

Streamline processes and production before build, reducing operational costs.

Scale Icon


Move from kilowatt hours to gigawatt hours.

Process Icon


Expertise and access to operational capacity to execute large programs.

Modular Approach


Support for the battery design evolution.

In Process Testing

In-Process Testing

Avoid failures in the field with comprehensive testing.