Intelligent Laser Welding and Processing

One EV battery pack can have 6,500 cells requiring 13,000 individual welds. In a high-volume production facility, this can require 50 welds per second across multiple stations. The only way to achieve this speed is through laser welding which provides a fast, consistent and accurate weld.

Having delivered over 110 battery assembly and test lines, we are experts in developing precision-based laser welding processes and intelligent monitoring systems for all stages of the EV or grid energy battery production. Our robust automated laser solutions are tailored to meet a manufacturer’s unique requirements and can scale for mass production lines.

Laser Welding Applications

  • Battery tab welding.
  • Busbar welding.
  • Battery housing.
  • Spot welding.

Every laser welding project is unique. Allow us to listen to your challenges and share how automation can launch your project on time.

What Is Laser Processing & Welding?

Laser processing and welding systems allow manufacturers to control EV and energy storage battery quality by delivering a precise process used to clean, texture, weld, cut, mark and ablate material components. Our intelligent laser welding systems are fast, nondestructive, and cost efficient for high-throughput production, with low maintenance compared to other manufacturing techniques. By combining robotics, vision, and laser systems with intelligent monitoring, we provide a robust, turnkey laser welding systems with full process control.

Benefits of Laser Welding

In Process Testing

High Quality Weld

In process monitoring results in a more consistent, high-quality weld joint.

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Improved Throughput

Perform precision welds in milliseconds.

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Precise Heat Control

Lasers offer precise heat control without penetrating into cell chemistry.

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Designed for 24/7 operation with minimal downtime.

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Intelligent Monitoring

Receive real-time feedback and make process adjustments.

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Flexible Design

Easily change laser parameters with little to no equipment change.

Accurate, Fast & Verifiable

Our high-speed, repeatable welding automation system features real-time recording that verifies the depth of each weld as it happens. Using quality assurance metrics, the system can identify potential issues and make immediate adjustments to stay in tolerance. Our innovative, intelligent monitoring and direct measurement capabilities ensure the highest quality weld for maximum cell battery performance and longevity.

Our systems are available in either standard or customized class 1 laser enclosures for safe operation on the factory floor and we have designed numerous robotic laser welding stations for complex geometries.

ATS Industrial Automation Employee in the Laser Welding Lab.
Intelligent Laser Welding System.

Zero-Gap Weld

Our experts understand that each battery design is unique and requires a custom process to ensure a zero-gap weld. We partner with our customers to develop a laser welding automation solution based on their unique battery designs, use of metals and manufacturing needs. With proof-of-concept testing done in our laser process development lab, we can optimize laser processes for new applications and battery designs.

In addition, we provide process expertise in welded housing joints for hermetic seals and we have designed dozens of laser welding clamping applications to achieve a reliable zero-gap weld.

Laser Process Capabilities

  • Laser cutting.
  • Laser marking.
  • Laser ablation.
  • In process laser weld monitoring.
  • Copper, steel & aluminum welds.
Battery Cell Laser Welding.