Reporting Analysis Line Production History Software (RALPH) 

ATS Reporting Analysis Line Production History (RALPH) software is a high-level data collection and reporting tool for manufacturing and assembly operations. Operators can see real-time production data and quickly identify trends using built-in dashboards. RALPH’s remote data mining capabilities allow users to query historical data and perform analysis and custom graphing.

  • Collect data from any device on the plant floor.
  • Get real-time line performance data anywhere on the plant floor. 
  • Store and retrieve product build history for audit and recall situations. 
  • Receive alerts or warnings when lines drift outside expected limits.
  • Quickly create customizable reports tailored to your requirements.     


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More intuitive and customizable than other data collection and statistical packages, RALPH helps production engineers optimize assembly line throughput. By tracking real-time production quality metrics, RALPH can predict product failures and required maintenance in advance, allowing for advanced planning and scheduling.

The software is user-friendly and allows for real-time data collection from any device on the plant floor or network. Setup is straightforward allowing you to start collecting some data in minutes. Customization of dashboards and data queries is quick and easy to meet specific operational and business requirements.

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Product Features

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  • Collect information on parts and equipment from PLCs, testers, and line controllers.
  • Receive automated alerts when values trend outside of their expected limits.
  • Integration with ATS Test Executive Suite and SAMS software.
  • Supports both SQL and Flat File data storage.

Diagnostics & Analysis

  • Predefined data queries provide out-of-the-box general status.
  • Analytic and visual reporting.
  • Fault history, production counts, and summary reporting.
  • Pass, reject, and rework reporting by station.
  • Part traceability by serial number or component.
  • Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), process capability index (Cpk), and line efficiency reports.
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  • Custom queries based on time ranges, shifts, data sources, values of interest, conditional filtering, birth history, etc.
  • Visualization tools to create flexible dashboards. 
  • Scripting environment allows for customization of event logic.
  • Multi-view dashboards with user-configured layouts.
  • Dynamic importing of images for presentation on dashboards.