ATS Industrial Automation

Every Day Matters™

At ATS Industrial Automation, Our Passionate Automation Experts Are Enabling Historic Green Tech Transformation

We deliver complex, mission critical, highly dynamic enterprise automation programs.

Every Day Matters™

Our Passionate Automation Experts Are Enabling the Unprecedented Green Tech Transformation

We solve the unsolvable. ATS Industrial Automation is the leader in automation solutions for automotive, energy, and nuclear and more

ATS Industrial Automation team walking away.

Who We Are

A Strategic Automation Partner to World-Leading Companies

ATS Industrial Automation creates tomorrow’s reality. By applying the ATS Business Model to drive breakthrough technologies and disruptive operating strategies, we enable the rapid launch of our customer’s products and optimize their investments across the entire lifecycle of a program.

Where We Play


Delivering assembly and test systems for battery module, battery pack, and electric motors for electric vehicles (EVs).

Energy Storage

Providing automation to build and test grid storage batteries, from kilowatts to gigawatts, for a clean energy future.

Nuclear Facilities

Manufacturing tooling and designing automation for new reactor builds, refurbishment, operations and maintenance, and decommissioning across both large-scale and small modular reactors (SMRs).

Industrial & Consumer Products

Scaling production to ultra-high speeds with a modular and flexible automation and test platform for a range of industrial and consumer applications.

Smarter Solutions = Superior Results

How We Lead

Crafting Never-Before-Seen Solutions

Leveraging digitalization, simultaneous engineering, and proof of principles (PoP), our expert teams create new concepts of operations to accelerate production timelines.

eMobility EV battery assembly equipment.

“ATS Industrial Automation is critical in enabling battery assembly with exponential volume.”

VP of Global Manufacturing & Engineering, Large North American Automotive OEM

“The remote capabilities and precision of ATS Industrial Automation systems will help us reach our goal of net-zero by automating and modernizing our infrastructure to improve safety, performance and efficiency.”

Eric Chassard, Executive Vice President of Projects and Engineering, Bruce Power

“The team at ATS Industrial Automation are experts and truly know what they are doing. They were instrumental in helping us ramp up our eMotor assembly line.”

Large European Automotive OEM

Kevin F.

“I joined ATS as a college intern.  It was the awesome equipment that piqued my interest, but it has truly been the relationships that have kept me here.”

Kevin F.

Director, Project Management

Aika Y.

“Working here is like being part of a family. Every voice matters at ATS Industrial Automation and I’m thrilled to be a part of this incredible journey.”

Aika Y.

Office Coordinator

Kate T.

“I love my job because it combines my passion for innovation with my love for making things come to fruition. Every day, I contribute to the creation of products that improve people’s lives.”

Kate T.

Project Manager

Why Join Us

Automation Needs People

We are on a unique and dynamic growth journey. Claim your place among those who are enabling the historic green tech transformation and building tomorrow today.

For Your Consideration…

What if your automation supplier acted like an in-house automation team? We are ready to help you plan for automation capacity and timing, and think through your design for manufacturability. We achieve better outcomes when we work closely together as one team.