Sequenced Automation Manufacturing Solution (SAMS) 

Our Sequenced Automation Manufacturing Solution (SAMS) is a proven and robust platform to run your manufacturing and assembly lines. SAMS is a highly flexible software that can easily be configured for manufacturing any product regardless of build complexity. SAMS combines build recipe data and script logic to determine the desired course of action. These activities may include operator prompts, feedback, direct instrumentation control, interaction with the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), or combinations. Each step is enforced and tracked to ensure a complete build history for product traceability.

  • Updates can be made without a programmer or changing PLC code.
  • Easily move processes between stations.
  • Quality alerts displayed at affected stations. 
  • Operator training resources embedded at each station.  


Generation Software.


Years Operating on Multiple Lines.


Years of Automation Experience.

Every assembly project is unique. Allow us to listen to your challenges and share how automation can launch your project on time.

Why SAMS? 

SAMS is a crucial platform specifically designed for a 24/7 production environment. SAMS plays a vital role in the planning, execution, and control of any build process that involves significant product variation. It’s an integral part of a manufacturing execution system (MES) solution serving as the interface between an assembly line and MES or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. With its decoding capabilities, SAMS can simplify complex build requirements, streamlining operations and eliminating the need to manually code processes in a PLC.

SAMS provides customers with maximum reliability and productivity while having the flexibility to maintain production lines for future programs, models, and product changes.

ATS Industrial Automation Employee Working on a Computer
ATS Employee Working on a Computer on the Shop Floor

Tasks Supported 

  • Receive, decode, and archive customer data. 
  • Generate queue build requirements.
  • Perform final product inspection prior to shipping.
  • Quality and production reports that integrate with customers’ IT systems. 
  • Error proofing and traceability reports. 

Product Features 

  • Customize the build process without interfering with other stations or slowing down production.
  • Our interface is designed to provide you with quick and convenient access to production status updates, build configurations, and reports.
  • Automatically generates management reports complete with first time capability and production failure pareto analysis by shift. 
  • Get immediate feedback and streamline your workflow management. 
  • Create and manage build configurations and maintenance.
ATS Employee Working on a Computer