What 90 Battery Lines Have Taught Us

EV battery pack assembly equipment.

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The Tangram Issue in Battery Testing

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2022 saw 66 EV platforms launched, and will double by 2024. The battery design is increasingly essential to the platform’s success, yet design changes are happening much further in the development process. Cell, Module, and Pack Testing solutions must be fast and support different form factors within the same line. But too often, companies move serial to solve the various battery form factors and specs. Multiple lines are inefficient, with a significantly larger footprint.

Battery Testing Is Not as Simple as ‘Test a Battery’

EV battery testing system.

Tackling the battery revolution while ensuring product quality is challenging. Battery testing is not as simple as just “testing a battery.”  Form factors, design elements, and systems change – they’re not fixed in time, and EV is just one battery application. Battery testing extends to power, grid storage, and more.

Manufacturing for Decentralized Energy Storage

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It’s an exciting time to be involved in the electrification industry. Tackling the battery revolution, from design to manufacturing is not an easy task. Simply stacking batteries is not a model that can scale. There are form factors and design elements that are not fixed in time, presenting significant hurdles. A scalable, modular approach with the right partner is critical for success. 

Electric Vehicle Challenges: Are You Prepared?

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It’s an exciting time to be involved in the automotive manufacturing industry. A revolution of electrification is underway, but there is a growing hurdle for OEMs to meet capacity demand and manage the evolution of technology changes that are coinciding. Learn how ATS Industrial Automation continues to be the partner of choice for EV battery module assembly and testing.

The Key Element: EV Battery Testing

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EV Battery Modules are evolving at a rapid pace. Chemistry, packaging, welding, material handling, software, and more make managing and testing EV batteries complex. Efficient battery testing must also evolve to support the growing demand and technology advances. Flexibility, modularity must be built-in, and the industry approach to battery module testing needs to shift its approach dramatically.

Addressing the Battery Module Challenges

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